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University of Alberta Neurotrauma Journal Club

Every Wednesday (Sept-June) at 11 AM MST, we meet virtually to review a recent article of interest in the field of CNS injury/disease. Various U of A research groups are members of the club and alternate presentations of interest:

  • Dr. Karim Fouad 

  • Dr. Bradley Kerr

  • Dr. Ian Winship

  • Dr. David Bennett

  • Dr. Jason Plemel

  • Dr. Ana Taylor

  • Dr. Christine Webber

  • Dr. Keith Fenrich

During this session, the primary focus is to discuss the overview of the article and encourage an exchange of thought.  All are invited to attend and/or present interesting and new papers. It's an exciting method of learning what's new in the world of Neuroscience.


If you would like to join, please contact

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